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  • ClientKridawisata
  • Year2017
  • ProjectKampus KRIDAWISATA Lampung Official Website
  • Urlkridawisata.sch.id

KRIDAWISATA Campus which was inaugurated on August 1, 1990 became the FIRST Tourism Education Institution in Lampung. During the period 1991-1997 the number of students is stable that is around 100 people per year. Cooperation with star hotels is increasingly widespread, ranging from Batam Island, Bukit Tinggi, Bangka Island, Bandar Lampung City, Anyer, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Makassar. KRIDAWISATA tries to appoint a group of young people to rise through an honest, disciplined, skilled and hard working culture to be independent. This is a downward movement that tries to challenge a corrupt culture of life that tends to be lazy, dishonest, and undisciplined. Students are forged to eat from their own sweat. This honest life process, discipline, skill and hard work becomes the new mission of KRIDAWISATA, which must be diligently implemented by the students, in order to be able to become an independent cadre in the community.

With a strong developing spirit, KRIDAWISATA was collaborated with GiNK Technology in build an official website that is used as a media publication from KRIDAWISATA Campus to the public. Prospective students can also apply online by filling the online registration form on KRIDAWISATA official website. It is important for an institution to have a website that contains profile information and any form of announcement related to the institution's learning system. It is not just about marketing the institution, but also enhancing credibility and facilitating the flow of information between public and institutions.