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  • ClientPT. DK Aspal
  • Year2017
  • ProjectDK Aspal Official Website
  • Urldkaspal.co.id

PT. Distribusi Energi Konstruksi Aspal is one of the companies engaged in Asphalt Distribution Services of PERTAMINA. Operational office of PT. Distribusi Energi Konstruksi Aspal is located in Bandar Lampung Indonesia, where facilities and operational activities run in several other towns and districts that have economic potential in Lampung.

By the official website of PT. Energy Distribution Asphalt Construction, you can see the company profile, service and product, performance, gallery, news, and company contact. Also, various projects that have been done by PT. Distribution of Asphalt Construction Energy through the performance menu. The gallery menu contains documentation in the form of photos of the activities in the company. Companies can also write any news related to the company and publish it through the official website developed by GiNK Technology.